alice meichi li

Death: Rebirth

Death is necessary for Rebirth to spring from its fertile remains.

In Sandman, Neil Gaiman’s Death is often depicted as someone you’d be pleased to meet at the end of your life. Drawing on a myriad of funerary goddess myths akin to Isis and the apocryphal Eve, Death was not so much a Grim Reaper as she was a guide into the next phase of being. Perhaps it is no small coincidence that Eve brought life to humanity and Isis resurrected her dead brother-husband, linking the notion of rebirth so inextricably and cyclically to death.

And like a modern birth/funerary goddess myth, Death herself reflects rebirth with her entire countenance and approach towards life. It is this aspect that I wished to capture.

Poppies are for remembrance. And for Dreams.

Painted for Mission: Comics’ Sandman 25th Anniversary Tribute Art Show.

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"Death: Rebirth" - work-in-progress

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My work-in-progress pencils for this show :)  Colored version coming soon…


For Immediate Release


Mission Comics and Art Presents

“Sandman: 25th Anniversary Group Art Show”
Featuring New Works by over two dozen New Contemporary and LowBrow Artists
curated by Daisy Church

January 18, 2014 through February 15, 2014

London Calling

Death & Dream

I designed their clothing to pay homage to little revelatory symbols about their characters.. Such as how the “Death” card in the Vertigo Tarot was holding a blue rose, and Daniel was often pictured with poppies (symbolic of dreams for its narcotic nature). This also obviously includes the ankh sigils, Daniel’s emerald (as opposed to Morpheus’ ruby), and the ruby sleeve design I always loved from his original costume. Toss in a dash of Visual Kei/Gothic Lolita (especially because I love those cute little EGL tophats) inspiration, and here we are. I’ve got tons of love for the classic 80’s punk look, but I figure they’d want to update their wardrobes a bit since then.